9 Masks of Fire Review Canada

9 Masks of Fire is a thrilling slot game from Microgaming. It’s like a journey to Africa, filled with exciting images and sounds. When you play, it’s like you’re part of an African tribe, with drums beating in the background.

Game Overview

This exciting slot game is designed with 5 wheels and 3 paylines, providing plenty of opportunities for you to win. You have the freedom to bet up to £60 each time you play, with a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.24%, indicating you have a good chance of winning. The game offers medium-sized wins. However, the biggest win you can achieve is 2,000x your bet in normal play, or up to 6,000x times your bet during special game rounds – so there’s always the chance to win big, too.

What Symbols to Look Out For

9 Masks of Fire has some special symbols, all inspired by Africa. Look out for the Scatter Mask and Diamond Wild symbols as these can really help you win big! Also, keep an eye on the number 7. It can show up in three ways – 777, 77, and 7 – and each gives different winnings.

Here’s what each symbol means:

  • Scatter Mask: If you get 9, you win 2,000x your bet
  • Diamond Wild: If you get 5, you win 125x your bet
  • 777: If you get 5, you win 37.5x your bet
  • 77: If you get 5, you win 20x your bet
  • 7: If you get 5, you will 7.5x your bet
  • Dollar Sign: If you get 5, you win 3.25x your bet
  • Bell: If you get 5, you win 2x your bet
  • BAR symbol: If you get 5, you win the same as your bet
  • Cherries: If you get 5, you win the same as your bet

Special Rounds

The Scatter Mask is a special sign in this game. If you get at least three, you get extra winnings. If you land eight or nine Scatter Masks, you win 500x or 2000x times your bet!

The Free Spin round is another exciting feature. A spin of the Fortune Wheel decides how many free spins you can get (10 to 30) and how much extra you can win (2x or 3x). This special round can keep going on and on – there’s no limit to how many times it can happen in each game.

The Biggest Win

9 Masks of Fire doesn’t have a growing jackpot like some other video slot games. The most you can win is 2,000x your bet. For example, if you bet $60, the most you can win is $120,000 in one go. But, if you’re in a Free Spin round and have a 3x multiplier, you can win up to a whopping $360,000!

In a Nutshell

With its striking visuals, unique cultural theme, and the chance to win massive life-changing payouts, 9 Masks of Fire is a game that guarantees an exciting and unforgettable experience. So, what are you waiting for! Play today and enjoy a spin through the vibrant heart of Africa with every turn of the reels.